Why outsource?

Why not just use in-house people for everything?

We provide a way for client companies to achieve high productivity, fast results, and a high degree of accountability when business cycles dictate or when specific technical needs arise.  Hiring us allows clients to take a chance on a new technology product , process, or compliance effort.

It’s our flexibility, adaptability, objectivity, and broad experience that make us valuable to you. We can hit the ground running!  If we don’t have the information you need - we can get it for you.  What you are ultimately getting is both the solution-logic, and our problem-solving methodologies.

Other clients have used our services and have been better for it.  Our reputation is only as good as our last contract.  That’s why we’re your best insurance for getting your project done right!


What is the Hooker Principle and how does it serve me?
It’s the idea that consultants are like ladies of the night.  We say when, we say where, we say how much.  But the client says what.  Once consultants sign on the dotted line, it is only the CLIENTS satisfaction that matters!  We’re here to do a trick and get out.

Or in cleaner terms – we’re here to serve.  You tell us what you want and we do our best to see you get it.