Why choose us?

As a hiring manager you know that every time you launch a new project, you’re subjecting your firm to the 70% failure rate. 


Why not do all you can do to make sure YOUR project thrives? 


You’ve heard all about the bargain-basement vs. value-added argument - but what does it mean to YOU?

You can cut corners and hire the cheapest consultants. 

But it’s safer to pay the premium and get quality instead. 

In the long run, after all the painful false starts and all the work scrapped,

it’s cheaper to hire quality too - less time, less money wasted, less angst.

You can pay for a big name company -

maybe even the Big 5 auditing company that currently does your books -

but take a good look at all the failures they can chalk up to experience! 


If you want to pay to train THEIR employees and pay thru the nose for that privilege...

Sooner or later you’ll still need help digging your company out of the mess. 


That’s when you call us. 


Why screw up your career’s lifespan - not to mention your corporation’s life span - by choosing someone else?


The rate of change means time is the most costly commodity of all. 


Save time, save money, save your ulcer - hire us now!

Here are some of the advantages our firm offers:

- 30 years of problem-solving experience

- Competitive Pricing

- Wide range of contract terms

- Industry Specialists

- Already assembled project teams

- Faster ramp-up times

- Convenient corp-to-corp billing (no w-2's or 1099's or H1-B's hassles)

- Flexible location: willing to relocate to your client-site - locally and internationally for longer-term

  on-site contracts

- Remote-consulting to anywhere world-wide

- Broad range of skills and domain knowledge

- Results and service-orientation

If there are skills that you want/need - chances are we can offer them. As a team, we offer value-based rates, faster ramp-up times, and better service to clients.