So what’s new with us?

We’re hard at work as always (and doing great work as always!) on a wide variety of internal and external client projects.  Some of which pay in cashy money and some of which pay in promises...


I'm writing books because communicating is a human need - and an act of love.

Are we looking for exciting, fantastic, lucrative, long-term projects?

Are we looking for speaking opportunities, short-term projects and other fun fixed-bid work? 

Are we looking for remote gigs so we can enjoy indulgent work-from-home 16+ hour days in our jammies? 

You bet! We’re always excited about those!

So if you happen to have interesting projects available or really tough challenges we can help with... (BIG HINT) please let us know.

We’d love to hear from you!  Anywhere in the world could be interesting though remote or easy-to-get to would be nice!  (Remember I don't want to get intimate with the TSA - and certainly not on a regular basis!)

You can reach us at (BEST WAY)  We really suck at returning phone calls!

Or you can call us at 760.702.7720 and leave a nice long message we'll probably not hear.  Too busy enjoying life, or navel-gazing, or immersing our mental selves in other realities.


Sharon Storm
FireHorse Inc, Nevada

(though currently in on-site at GameStop)