How may we serve you?

Fixed Rate (aka Time-and-Materials)
This is the best choice for contracts with indeterminate length and scope.
When you know you need the help but for how long escapes you...
When you are snowed under by user demands and everything was due yesterday...
When the big-name consulting firm left you in a lurch and you don't want your project to be part of the 70% failure rate...

We are only available on a corp-to-corp basis.  No w-2's. No permanent positions (perm means we lose our objectivity and that would really suck for all involved!)  Telecommuting rates are negotiable.


Fixed Bid
This is the best choice when you know exactly what you want and how much you can afford.
When you have a good idea of what the project will take but your people are already at capacity...
When you like to make incremental changes or test the water with pilot projects...
When you have a fixed budget and reasonable expectations...

Talk to us. Let's see what we can work out. We can do traditional fixed-bids, time-and-materials with caps, and staged deliveries.


Support Services
This is the best choice for after hours and after-projects insurance.
When you can't afford to keep us and you can't afford to let us go...
When your ulcers and your high-strung managers are mutually incompatible...
When you'd rather be safe than pinch pennies...

We can provide fixed hourly rates or fixed per month (up to x hours) support services. Let us know what you need. We carry cell phones and other leashes only under duress.


Tech-Testing or Technical Screenings/Interviews
This is the best choice when "caveat emptor" and candidates-from-hell haunt your dreams - or worse - your reality!
When you need a code-head but don't talk techie...
When you think finding an honest lawyer is easier than finding the right IT employee...
When you have spent so much time looking at new faces,  you don't recognize the ones you work with anymore...

We will provide technical screenings for your candidates by phone. Tell us what skills you are looking for and we will evaluate the candidate's level of expertise. We can provide this service on a per candidate or monthly basis.


On-Site Services
This is the best option for traditional shops.
When you have facilities and tools to spare...
When you feel happiest counting heads and holding hands...
When you get more out of face-to-face meetings than you ever could out of emails and teleconferencing...


Off-Site Services
This is the best option when your facilities and time are limited.
When you care about the actual results (ends) more than you do the visibility (means)...
When you don't want to wait for relo's and all the nonsense those entail...
When any additions to the project will have to stand with their laptops over their heads.


Workshop Seminar Webinar

This is the best options when you know what you want but can't get the ball rolling

When your people have lost motivation but you need their involvement

When you need continuous learning but don't want high-pressure sales people hassling you


Referee Facillitator Baby-sitter

When your meetings degenerate into squabbles

When you can't work things out among stakeholders

When you get glaring silence instead of usable suggestions

When you just can't stand each other any more

When you're buried in volume but can't get a handle on what is dross and what is gold


Ask the Experts
This is the best option when you have questions and don’t know where to turn.
When haiku = your project specs...
When user requests are ko-ans (example: what is the sound of one hand clapping?)...
When you consider “interviewing” consultants just so you can get help with your problems...

Don’t do it! Ask us. Our rates are reasonable and our answers are in-depth. And if we don’t know the answer (heresy!) we will research it for you.


Let me let you in on a little secret: we offer a free email consultation.  just send us an email with free consultation in the subject line!


Bring us in the planning stage.  We'll help you develop your statement of work., your roadmaps, your long-range plans or even your project plans.  We'll help you develop clarity and unity of purpose.  We'll help with consensus-building.  We'll help you cover all the bases.

Bring us in the strategy phase.  You know what matters to yoiu.  We want you to get it!  We'll help you communicate and visualize the outcomes.  We'll help make it real for you and your people.  What can we achieve together?



We'll get results together!  Then we'll analyze the results and squeeze every drop of value out of the experiences.  Then we can go for MORE!  There will always be something to aspire to.  While alive, let's LIVE!

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