Warning: Retail is NOT dead - it is evolving!



Retail Domain

Our retail experience includes e-commerce, brick-and-motar, dropshipping, consignment goods, phone sales, catalog sales, kiosk sales, global supply chain and global serial manufacturing.

Some of our experience includes:

- Involved in expanding and optimizing the Customer Data Warehouse (CDW).  Provided data engineering and subject matter expertise. Expanded the scope to incorporate ThinkGeek, Tech Brands, and other GameStop organizations. Enhanced customer marketing segmentation, universal cross band view of customer data. Investigated process and data anomalies.  Gathered and organized metadata.  Presented performance optimization recommendations. Inventoried systems with customer PII/PCI for tokenization/detokenization of data-in-motion and data-at-rest via Protegrity. 

- Involved in the Inventory Accounting Data Mart.  Provided senior data warehouse resource and RDBMS subject matter expertise.  Solicited information for Knowledge Management.  Clarified meaning and built consensus among project stakeholders.   Standardized, streamlined, and documented processes. Worked to simplify lesser-developed processes for consignments and drop-shipping.  Involved in data and process rationalization; and process governance.  Involved in empowering the accounting team to research issues. Gathered and organized metadata. Investigated process and data anomalies.  Presented recommendations.
- Reviewed the resource usage and capacity vs expected/on-going needs. Reviewed DBQL/PDCR data, existing processes, and existing architecture.  Made recommendations.  Discussed the pros and cons of recommended changes and possible timelines for implementation.
- Worked with the CapGemini Integrated Data Warehouse team to provide solutions for enterprise integration effort.  Provided senior data warehouse resource and Teradata subject matter expertise.  Built out the cLDM (Teradata Communications Logical Data Model). Crowd-developed standards and processes for review and acceptance of deliverables.  Worked with project teams consisting of business users and sponsors, business system analysts, system architects, data analysts, ETL developers, BI developers, QA testers, and DBAs to ensure the successful delivery of the projects. 
- Participated in the Dell Financial Services (DFS) data integration effort.  Developed the conceptual, key-based, logical, physical, and semantic data models.  Reviewed Teradata-supplied ELDMs for Manufacturing, Finance, and Retail for applicability.  Applied data harmonization, data integration, and data rationalization efforts on organic, poorly-documented data sources.  Involved in business rule extraction and semantic reconciliation efforts to further Master (Reference) Data Management. Involved in the data governance/data stewardship efforts. Integrated efforts of offshore resources.