Here is an opportunity to offer brief introductions of our top consultants:

(We're all camera-shy but if you really want it... Send us an email and we'll send you back a picture of us making faces)  Secret: we look like normal people - like most people our secret identities are only visible in action!


Sharon Storm
(aka Ming the Merciless)

* Credentials: Sharon's background is in finding enterprise solutions for midsize to large corporations. Sharon has lead teams ranging in size from 2 - 40 FTE and contract members. She enjoys collaborating with clients to perform miracles. 


She chose the name for our corporation.  Fire Horse is the Chinese zodiac sign for "catalyst for change"  She feels compelled to speak truth to power.


She is an author and her books are available from Amazon (free for Prime members!).  Her titles include:



Who is to blame? - a consulting book of war stories.  Still in progress.  She would welcome in-progress review and feedback. and contributions!

How To Survive Grinding Poverty In The United States - a survival manual for the Great Recession/Greater Depression


Fiction - Stories for the Oral Tradition Series - short 'true' stories retold for a modern audience.  No foul language but written for a mature thoughtful/mindful audience:

Stories that Define Us - Classic tales retold show the truths of our lives

Stories We Tell - Tales  retold to share truths too sensitive to handle without buffering

Stories of Truth - still in-progress.

Stories of War - still in-progress.


(Still enough time for you to tell her your stories so she can retell them her way!)

* Favorite Things: generous clients, sane client representatives, Dilbert (of course!), voluntaryists, and good arguments, shared stories (she collects stories often person-to-person from people all over our world)

* Pet Peeves: people who demand "do it" buttons that can read their minds (or think for them if they don't have minds) and do whatever they need to get done!


Click here to download Sharon's resume.


Robert Storm
(aka Speed Demon)
Project Manager/ Cadence-caller/Cheerleader/Whip-hand of the wet noodle

* Credentials: Robert's background is in financial services. He has worked with a broad base of brokerages, banks, and other intermediaries. He also works with non-profits and government agencies.  His interest has been in squeezing every bit of value out of experiences.  He claims people in action are the unstoppable force of history.


He encourages Sharon to put our war stories and retold tales in writing.  Since he enjoys talking/listening/doing in real life and hates writing (and sitting still!)

* Favorite Things: flying, roller-coasters, fast cars, NASCAR (of course!), pushing limits, and fast clean solutions.

* Pet Peeves: Indecisive people, people too apathetic to pursue their goals!

Click here to download Robert's resume.


Sven Davis
(aka Scotty, hint: the Star Trek engineer)
Systems Analyst/Architect

* Credentials: Sven's experience is in engineering. He has worked on projects ranging from telecommunications satellites to energy-independent housing units. His vocation is his avocation - making things work!   He gets to be good cop to Robert's bad cop and Sharon's worse cop.


He and Robert collaborate and compete on creative solutions.  He collects stories for Sharon.  And he encourages people to keep us in message t-shirts and baseball caps.

* Favorite Things: the latest in electronics, cool software, science fiction (of course!), and interesting challenges.

* Pet Peeves: re-runs of  X-files, slow networks, and people that speak Klingon with a bad accent!


Click here to download Sven's resume.