Warning: This is more interesting to do than to write about! Complexity abounds!


Logistics Domain

Our logistics experience includes sea, air, land, rail, telecommunications, and pipeline/powerline transportation. Space and direct matter transportation would be cool too.  But the main point is that our world is tiny but heavily networked and getting goods, information, and services to where and when they need to be is critically important.


Some of our experiences include:
- Participated in the Capital Management System (CMS) II project. Designed business intelligence tools to provide comprehensive accounting information and product tracking, increase plant utilization and profit center operations, and improve decision support systems.

- Participated in the National Path Data Program – an effort blend the systems of the various merged and acquired companies under the corporate umbrella into a best-of-breed SOA. Developed the Enterprise Logical Data Model (ELDM). Provided thought leadership regarding Active Data Warehousing, Enterprise Data Warehousing, Integrated Data Repository, Integrated Data Stores/Operational Data Stores.

- Involved in strategic short-term projects for FireHorse Inc.’s clients. The industries involved included: energy generation, petrochemicals, manufacturing logistics, materials shipping, and transformation.
- Designed and built the data warehouse. Built consolidated financial reporting of Working Capital Funds among the transportation component commands. Developed the web-based decision support system (DSS). Designed the data transport layer connecting heterogenous transportation component commands.
- Participated in the database and platform migration and ERP/CRM implementation. Customized the processes to meet client’s needs. Extracted the business rules from existing applications and translated the new systems.  Set up the alarms and the user prompts. Normalized and improved data quality controls of the accounting systems before extracting, transferring, and loading the new systems. Designed custom reports and forms to add functionality to the ERP/CRM implementation.

- Worked with the Information Management Architecture/Enterprise Systems Business Intelligence (EIT ES BI Architecture) team to provide solutions for several organization-wide projects such as divestiture.  Provided senior data warehouse resource and Teradata subject matter expertise.  Built out the cLDM (Teradata Communications Logical Data Model).  Designed logical data models, physical data models, and semantic data models to support business intelligence reporting.  Worked with project teams consisting of business users and sponsors, business system analysts, system architects, data analysts, ETL developers, BI developers, QA testers, and DBAs to ensure the successful delivery of the projects.
- Participated in the data integration effort. Developed the conceptual, key-based, logical, physical, and semantic data models. Reviewed Teradata-supplied ELDMs for Manufacturing, Finance, and Retail for applicability. Applied data harmonization, data integration, and data rationalization efforts on organic, poorly-documented (and often undocumented) data sources. Involved in business rule extraction and semantic reconciliation efforts to further Master (Reference) Data Management. Involved in the data governance/data stewardship efforts. Integrated efforts of offshore resources.
- Participated in the platform and database migration. Provided a blend of functional and technical analysis (80-20) for the ERP/CRM implementation. Customized and configured the installed modules. Developed the database management and mining. Performed the data analysis and mapping; database normalization and clean-up; data extraction, transfer, and loading (ETL). Technical responsibilities included the platform and database migration, data conversion; prototyping and modeling; and data warehousing on the Oracle and non-Oracle systems. Functional responsibilities included impact analysis and change/co-existence management; process alignment with the post-implementation system; gap analysis and enterprise application integration. Designed and added the open account system of reconciling transfers between the subsidiary and the parent corporation