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Government Domain

We provide service to all levels of government: local, regional, county, state, federal, and non-governmental agencies.


Whether your issues are risk management, workforce training, compliance with recent regulations, project management, task scheduling, decision support systems, database management and integration, geographic information systems, or even emergency management and disaster recovery - we can help!


Our systems have helped our clients: streamline processes and procedures, standardize and compartmentalize functions, prevent and detect fraud, collaborate efforts, tackle research and development, maximize revenue, and (best of all) off-set costs!


NOTE: Our experience also covers insurance/healthcare projects involving: HIPAA, Medicare, Medicaid, Medi-Cal, CHAMPUS, Share-of-cost (SC), ability-to-pay (ATP), and Eligibility determination.  Please see the related pages for additional information.


 Some of our government and government contractor experience includes:

- Developed non-filer, under-reporter, pass-thru entity, and other specialty revenue lead generation programs for taxing authorities.  Participated in the build-outs of the EDWs and the architecture of the ECTL streams.  Anticipated benefits include enhanced revenue streams, better reporting, and planning/budgetary efforts.

- Developed contractor registration, business licensing, and other specialty revenue lead generation programs for taxing authorities.  Architected cross-agency ECTL data-sharing streams.  Anticipated benefits include enhanced revenue streams, better reporting, and planning/budgetary efforts.

- Involved in the Human Resources Business Information (HRBI) data mart project. Reviewed the project specifications.  Areas requiring further analysis were identified for build-out. Participated in implementing the transformational and semantic data models. Assisted in the performance tuning the ECTL process. Anticipated benefits include better reporting, cost control, and planning/budgetary efforts.

- Participated in the Drug Data Processing System/Integrated Data Repository & Drug Benefit Calculator (DDPS/IDR & DBC) for Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Program.  Led the ETL/BI Reporting Team. Handled project planning and priority management.

- Designed and built the data warehouse. Built consolidated financial reporting of Working Capital Funds among the transportation component commands. Developed the web-based decision support system (DSS. Designed the data transport layer connecting heterogenous transportation component commands.

- Participated in the Defense Joint Accounting System (DJAS) project. Created interfaces to provide standardized and consistent reporting for the United States Army and the Department of Defense (DoD) agencies. Compartmentalized and streamlined the processes and procedures. Provided training to end users and peers.Developed software to enhance project goals. Performance-tuned/streamlined all reports and processes for end of Fiscal Year Reporting, reducing processing time from 3 days to less than 5 hours.

- Provided project management and coordination. Assigned project level responsibilities, and coordinated task scheduling.  Headed failure-analysis/test anomaly investigation teams.  Chaired Joint Application Design (JAD) sessions for interdepartmental projects.  Trained peers on the use of design software, and participated in design review sessions.  Researched and developed improved satellite control systems.  Design re-use was explored for reduced costs and improved time-to-market goals.

- Generated statistical reports regarding types and licensing requirements for business operating in the county, integrated the data into the existing Geographic Information System (GIS).  This led to compliance with federal and state regulations regarding SIC codes, zoning, safety, land-use, and enterprise zones.

 - Tied the organization’s many databases together and provided cost-savings to fund the project. Created new systems for address validation and standardization. This led to easier portability into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), greater control over property development and planning, and compliance with federal regulations regarding zip plus4. Cost savings from postage and courier delivery helped off-set the costs.

- Provided systems analysis and systems administration.  Set up the system administrator role and related responsibilities.  Trained sysops and users on corresponding aspects of the multiple environments and platforms.  Created role-based authorities.  Monitored security and verification rules.  Developed shell scripts for user logins for developers and end-users. Analyzed and documented the existing system. Performed gap analysis and suggested areas for improvement.  Handled requests for ad hoc reports.  Oversaw the hardware and software acquisition and installation.  Provided troubleshooting when necessary.

- Provided DSS during the negotiations between the city and the employee unions. Surveyed the personnel compensation packages of government agencies in the Los Angeles County area, which resulted in new, less-costly, compensation packages closer to fair market values.  The Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) that resulted included continuing surveys in order to keep employee benefits as high as neighboring communities.

- Provided consulting services on a fixed-bid and fixed-rate basis on multiple, concurrent projects. Designed an integrated database system for the Burbank Housing Authority.  This resulted in better tracking of participants at every level of the program, better reporting, the detection of fraud, and lower penalties imposed by US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

- Participated in the collaboration of efforts involving local, state, and federal agencies, to provide a comprehensive emergency response system. Migrated data from various platforms; enforced referential integrity and normalization; implemented federal and county regulations, and integrated the data from several jurisdictions into the existing Geographic Information System (GIS). This led to more timely emergency response efforts and greater safety for emergency workers. Performed the data analysis and mapping.  Designed and developed the hazmat tracking and permit system.  Performed the data extraction, transfer, and loading from multiple sources on different database systems .

- Participated in efforts to maximize tax revenues from redevelopment areas; minimize costs without affecting service levels to the community.  Identified and investigated discrepancies between the Los Angeles County Tax Assessors parcel listing of Burbank properties and actual properties, resulting in a 7% increase in tax revenues and an increase in the city’s operating surplus.

- Provided Decision Support Services (DSS) for the cases and public relations efforts. Analyzed the ethnicity, age, gender, length of employment, and salaries of city employees to comply with the Fair Labor Laws.  Handled requests in this area by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and the US Department of Labor.  Areas requiring further study were identified and presented to the city council.  Indexed the attorneys' law library, created tickler system for civil and criminal cases.  This led to better preparation and fewer court rescheduling requests.