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Financial Services Domain

What kind of experience do we have to offer clients in the financial services sector?  Lots!  Our experience includes: liability insurance, risk management, private insurance, membership services, commission structures, term life, whole life, variable annuities, marketing, database mining, data-warehousing, decision support systems, mortgage lending, credit card processing, risk/reward analyses, etc. If you need help - chances are - we're the ones you need.


Some of our financial services experience includes:

- Developed the IRR Decision Support System v3.0 (Bear Market version) for the analysis of financial instruments and derivatives.  Areas requiring further study were identified and appropriate enhancements were pursued.

- Created and implemented database objects for improved data quality, Extract, Transform and Load (ETL). Metadata management, data quality tracking, and strategic data management.

- Participated in the Basel II project. Designed business intelligence tools to provide comprehensive accounting information processing for the suite of fiscal products, increased source systems utilization, profit center operations, regulatory reports, improved decision support systems in a data warehouse environment, and implemented market data sourcing.

- Developed the IRR Decision Support System v2.0 for the analysis of short-term financial derivatives.  The multi-dimensional (quantifiable and interpretive) model assisted in generating cash-on-cash ROI of 44% for fiscal year 2007/2008.  Areas requiring further study were identified and appropriate enhancements were incorporated.

- Developed the IRR Decision Support System v1.0 for the financial analysis of available investments. The categories were broadened to incorporate real estate, futures, as well as equities. Areas requiring further study were identified. Possible solutions were researched. Appropriate enhancements were incorporated. This assisted in generating a cash-on-cash ROI of 32% for fiscal year 2005/2006.

- Participated in the Commission Statement Redesign (CSD) project.  Created a modular, flexible reporting system to provide customized statements with different levels and commission structures for the many companies under the corporate umbrella.  Extracted the business rules for the varied organizations.

- Provided business and financial analysis support services. Set up and trained users on the hand-held quotation device system, reducing the need for telephone-based quotations and speeding up buy and sell processing by 57%.  Designed spreadsheets for risk/reward analysis aiding registered representatives in fulfilling their fiduciary responsibilities by recommending the investments most suited to clients' risk tolerance, temperament and financial objectives.

- Promoted the use of appropriate technology among financial advisers for stock tracking and audible alarm for quicker response to market changes. Designed a client/contact system to ensure consistent and timely follow-through by registered representatives with prompting for referrals and feedback.

- Implemented computerized loan processing software.  Enhanced the loan application packaging system and tailored it to fit the regional needs of the customer population. Monitored and supported various pc-based systems reducing downtime and lost productivity. Evaluated available software and made recommendations based upon suitability, ease-of-use, and scalability.  Created training programs and user guides.  Installed software, and created macros as needed.