Warning: This is more fun to do than to write about!  But things change constantly https://www.fastcompany.com/3043387/sector-forecasting/5-big-ways-education-will-change-by-2020


Education Domain

Whether it is education for executives. public education, higher education, continuing education or alternative schools, we can help. We also provide IT and competency training for our clients key staff. We can develop the curriculum, create the training aids, or use packaged courses. Whatever you need, we would like to help.

Some of our education experience includes:

-Set up and trained users on the quote-facilitation systems and technology, reducing the need for telephone-based quotations and speeding up buy and sell processing by 57%.
- Promoted the use of appropriate technology among financial advisers. Trained clients to use a client/contact system to ensure consistent and timely follow-through by registered representatives with prompting for referrals and feedback.
- Implemented computerized loan processing software and train users on the new system. Enhanced the loan application packaging system and tailored it to fit the regional needs of the customer population. Created training programs and user guides.  Scheduled training sessions, acquired the needed resources, tailored training to the level/category of trainee - front-line user to manager.
- Accepted the Aftercare OB/GYN project for teaching hospital on a fixed-bid basis.  Designed and developed Aftercare in Oracle. Performed the business operations, workflow, optimization, and needs analysis. Prompted the caregivers on critical follow-up care based upon diagnoses, tracking, testing, and prescriptions.

- Created the student database, course- and student-tracking system, and automated the reporting requirements. This led to time-savings for the administrator and greater accountability to the state and federal agencies.
- Trained/educated college students in the fields of MIS, finance, marketing, accounting, computer science, etc. using popular application software and syllabi.  Teaching others developed our depth in the subjects, leading us to achieve academic honors such as Dean’s Honor List, Graduation with Academic Honor’s, awards from the National Technical Honor Society, among others. Our clients did well too! (;-)