No-one wants to deal with strangers!


So let's get started by sharing background and context. Here we'll describe our commitment to our clients and our philosophy.  Many prospective clients are interested in the background of a firm. On this page we will also describe our firm's history and include translations for non-PHB's.

We love BASF’s motto. We feel the same way:

we don’t make your information, we help make it more useful;

we don’t make your decisions, we help make your decisions more effective;

we don’t make your business, we help make it more profitable. 

We can’t do what you do, but we can help make what you do - better!

Our Commitment
Our firm has been doing business in the IT community for over 30 years (choke! gasp!  Has it really been that LONG?)


We are proud of our past successes, but will continue to strive for excellence into the future.  But only if we're having fun - otherwise why bother?

When we began as a small two-person firm we thought that client confidence and client satisfaction were the keys to our future success. We were right. Today we still believe in these values, and practice them on every job. We're committed to serve your needs.  But mostly it is because we develop friendships and trust relationships and it feels great to see people you care about succeed!

Our Philosophy
We pride ourselves on understanding the problems and opportunities in the consulting industry. Our company is committed to excellence, and that is found in all of our services. Our clients are our greatest asset, and we are dedicated to serving your needs.  And once we get to know you, we want to make you SHINE!

We know cookie-cutter fix-it's and MBA-school answers don't cut it in the real world. You need consultants that understand your situation and will tailor solutions to fit your organization.
  The truth of the matter is nothing is ever as simple as it seems.  (Murphy lurks! Bwahaaha!)

Our History
We started off as operation automation specialists for small businesses in the 1980's. From there our projects grew in size and scope. Now we provide IT solutions for a wide range of international clients in the public and private sectors.

We're flexible to fit our clients' needs. Whether you need an on-site, hands-on project team, or an off-site, fixed-bid deliverable, we're here for you.

We are a consulting team specializing in platform migration, business process re-engineering (BPR) and business engineering (BE), database management and mining. For those of you whose eyes glazed over from that description - we're your fairy godmother...


We listen and we work with you on what matters to you.  We're here to serve !  Your happiness matters to us.  We bask in your successes!