Wanted: Clients that need RESULTS!

Do you need results? 

Are you feeling the pain from slipping deadlines?

Are you frustrated by stop-and-crawl progress?

Are you stumped as to what to do next?

How do you get to the crux of the matter?

How can you get clarity on your challenges?

How can you do more with less?

How can you thrill your customers?


Who are you going to talk to?

Get a free email consultation from us!


Joy shared is joy doubled!

Sorrow shared is sorrow halved!

- Swedish Proverb


Tell us your story.  Share your pain.  Contact us at firehorse@consultant.com with free consultation in the subject line.


Why email? 

It gives you time to think, review, edit, and complete your complete mind dump without interruptions. 

It also allows you to attach documents and audio and/or video files. 


We really want to hear from you!


And because our paying clients are our first priority.  Potential clients are important to us BUT we're a tiny consulting firm (scalable yes but usually small).  There is only so much LIFE in life so priority management is critical!


We skype, chat, and listen on the phone, and in real life.  Time-permitting, of course! 


Why are we offering our services free?

You!  We want this to be risk-free for you. 

Free samples are a way for you to try before you buy. 


And because we want testimonials and warm fuzzies from happy clients.  We foolishly asked clients to review us with checklists for the early part of our career.  Primarily. so we could include those in our proposals (takes less space) but darn they are boring reading!


We need some fun-to-read/watch/listen to testimonials from happy customers - and some warm fuzzies would be welcome too!